Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Music and fashion are not and should not be mutually exclusive and I hate it when bands act like they are. If you want to play music, you should dress the part. Don't dress like you just strapped on your guitar and walked up on stage after working a 10-hour shift at Burger King. This is why I've always hated shoegaze and hardcore music. It's why I hated grunge too. Kurt Cobain always looked like he could have been scooping fries out of the McDonald's deep fryer. I could never respect that, nor ever listen to Nirvana seriously.
This is why I love Swedish bands. They put an effort into creating a concept around the sound. Look at bands like The Hives and The Ark. And the latest addition to this? Ghost (or, Ghost BC in North America). Everything about this band is well-thought out. They've already created quite a legend for themselves in just three short years. And with music that crosses genres from metal to pop, the sky is the limit.

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