Friday, February 14, 2014


  I love my exes ... and I'm not even lying.

  In fact, I consider these ladies to be some of my best friends in the world (even if I haven't spoken to one of them in years). 

  They know me better than anyone else. Hell, they know me better than my own parents do.

  They've seen me at my best. Most importantly, they've seen me at my absolute worst. 

  They've supported me through hard times and celebrated the good.
 We've gotten drunk together and helped nurse each other's hangovers.

  We've laughed together and we've even cried together.

  Most of all, these ladies have always been brutally honest with me while others would prefer to treat me with kid gloves.

  They've never been afraid to tell me that I'm being an idiot, nor have they been too shy to remind me that I'm not nearly as awesome as I think I am.

  These are the kind of people I prefer to keep around. Because of these reasons, I'd take a bullet for every last one of them.

  Sure we broke up, but who cares? The only things that really change due to a break-up are sex and arguments - meaning, these two things no longer happen anymore.

 Though staying friends with someone you were in a long term romantic relationship may not be easy, it's totally worth it. After all, the only loving relationship that is truly a waste of time is the one that you didn't work on maintaining ... even if the dynamic and title of that particular relationship have changed.

  Relationships with your exes take a lot of work, but what worthwhile thing in life doesn't require hard work? 

  So, a big heartfelt happy Valentine's Day to to all of my wonderful exes! xo

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