Wednesday, October 10, 2012


  I actually think that San Diego might be the cleanest city I’ve ever been to. It’s a surreal city full of blonde babes and surfer dudes, just what you’d expect.
  I’m sure I saw some famous people, but I was too busy getting obliterated by waves while trying my hand at surfing. I learned to say the word “dude” a lot and got acquainted with the century tree and made lots of use of eucalyptus leaves.
  Aside from its beaches, there isn’t too much for a person to see in San Diego. It was a little too low key for me and I didn’t really see a lot of prospects for one looking for something in the way of a party scene. Although, if you’re really looking for some stories to tell then Tijuana, Mexico is only an hour’s drive south.
  In lieu of partying, San Diego is one of the most relaxing places I’ve been to (as far as major cities go). It has a really chill atmosphere about it. Unlike Los Angeles that leaves you not wanting to miss anything, which in turn leaves you constantly on the go (re; not relaxed), there is nothing to miss in San Diego.
  I first visited San Diego in 2001, just before the world was overtaken by the incessant desire to cleanse us of our fellow man’s smoking habits. It was illegal to smoke in public places, inside or out. In that sense, San Diego and California as a whole were ahead of their time and I thought they were out of their fucking minds … but now I get it.

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